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Remote monitoring means you never have to go outside to check your tank!
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Comfort Level

Comfort Level Monitor

Never worry about frozen pipes or a low-propane emergency again. Introducing Comfort Level, amazing new technology that automatically monitors your propane levels, home and pool temperatures and generators to help keep your home running smoothly . . . even when you're away!

Here is how Comfort Level works:

1.  A wireless transmitter is installed on your propane tank that continuously monitors the level and condition of the tank. Comfort Level then reports this information several times a day to the display unit installed in your home.

2.  The display unit signals us when your tank is low or room temperatures drop or rise to unsafe levels - it can even report when the pool gets chilly, or your generator is low on propane. System reports take only a few seconds, won't interfere with regular phone usage, and the calls are free.

3.  If your tank is low, Comfort Level alerts us to automatically schedule a delivery or notify you that your tank is low. If the system detects a sudden tank decompression, signaling a potential leak, or abnormal home or pool temperatures, we'll contact you or your property manager.

No need to check your tank levels on the Internet... Comfort Level does it for you!

It's easy to order Comfort Level

Contact us today and we'll schedule a convenient time for one of our trained specialists to professionally install the Comfort Level system in your home. From installation to fill, it's completely hassle-free.

Relax in the security and convenience of remote monitoring

Feel secure when you're away - Comfort Level notifies us if temperatures inside your home fall or rise to dangerous levels so we can notify you.

Stay safe and secure inside your home - Remote monitoring means you never have to go outside to check your tank.

Elminate the hassle of calling for fills - Comfort Level monitors levels so we can either fill the tank or notify you that your tank is low.