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Propane Safety
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Propane Safety

You can never be too safe! This is our philosophy when it comes to the well-being of our clients and employees. Because of this belief all of our employees are C.E.T.P. trained. This means they've been through a rigorous in-house training program and we continue the process with each employee attending regular safety meetings. You may not know it, but each and every time we fill your tank our driver is performing a System Safety Check (SSC). He checks the tank for overall condition and notes anything wrong with the tank or installation. He also checks the regulators and piping and notes any required maintenance. This preventative maintenance is done every time we deliver to your tank, whether you own or lease a tank from us.

We hold the safety, welfare, and health of our customers and employees in the highest regard. Production should never be so important as to undermine the safety of our customers and employees. In recognition of this, we constantly work towards:
  • The maintenance of safe and healthful working conditions.
  • Consistent adherence to proper operating practices and procedures designed to prevent injury and illness.
  • Conscientious observance of all federal, state, local and company safety regulations.
Safe Grilling Tips Click Here for a English Version PDF of our Material Safety Data Sheet

Click Here for a Spanish Version PDF of our Material Safety Data Sheet